New developments in MdN-land.

So we took a year off, then came back and hammered out a few killer shows. (Extra special thanks to all the clubs, bands and fans who made our triumphant return fully triumphant!) Now it’s time to take this shit to the Next Levelâ„¢!

Mico de Noche will be writing and recording new music later this month!

And then…

This happens. Mico de Noche will be joined by He Whose Ox is Gored, White Orange and the fuggin’ Ancient Warlocks for an extravaganza of heavy rock on Jan. 11, 2012! This is the show you’ve been waiting for. Charge up your Rascal, put on fresh Depends, pull out the feeding tube, and press pause on Bukkaki Angels 6. If you’ve never seen us, come to this show. If you’ve seen us before, come to this show. If you’re confused about your gender identity, come to this show. We can’t help you with that, but you’ll be rocked and that’s always cathartic. See you there!

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